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An ESSENTIAL Menu We are the one and only lifestyle pet food brand that represents an opportunity for you, not seen since the roll-out of the super premium brands in the ’00s. More than 250,000 dogs already enjoy ESSENTIAL FOODS meals across the globe , and 20,000 of these reside in our beautiful country.

Meals for Dogs

ESSENTIAL FOODS cares about your dog’s wellbeing. Our mission is a commitment to making a difference by helping dogs achieve a healthier and fuller life based on their eating habits. This is why we do not make dog food. We make meals

Meals for Cats

The most important thing for ESSENTIAL FOODS is that our meals should help your cat live as long and healthy a life as possible. We’ve gone all out and put together a cat range that is something cats and kittens, alike, will adore. Grain-free, BOF-approved

and made from delicious and high quality ingredients